a six day solution to step out of fear, 
uncertainty and isolation into relaxation, 
personal control and joy.

You are not alone.

Adventurous women all around the world feel stressed 
and anxious and don’t know where to turn! 

We miss these:


We crave these:


You CAN have those things. Even in a pandemic.

Hi! I'm Wendy Guth

I am a travel advisor who can’t travel.

The world came crashing down in March.

My one on one Rebel on the Go clients needed a way 
to feel the relaxed, in control and joyful experience 
that comes with traveling, but without traveling. 

So, I adapted SAVOUR to make it easily accessible
to you but also possible in our current state of
needing to stay home (or close to home).


From the heart of a rebel...
and the mind of a certified life coach

When an adventurous woman travels she feels free but what if she can’t actually get on a plane and go to her favorite destination? 

SAVOUR is the answer!

When an empty nester wants to learn to 
scuba dive and do yoga on a stand up 
paddle board but the beach is in a 
state that requires quarantine? 

SAVOUR is the answer!

When a wife and mom is ready to take control of her life and run a 10K but can’t leave a houseful of family right now?

SAVOUR is the answer!

When a woman wants nothing more than
 a romantic getaway with her honey 
but can’t get away right now?

SAVOUR is the answer!

When a woman wakes up in a sweat and gasping for air, not knowing what day it is? 

SAVOUR is the answer!

When a friend wants nothing more than to celebrate her birthday with her BFFs with a spa AND beach but can’t right now? 

SAVOUR is the answer!
Wendy is the amazing Rebel Adventurer you always wished you had known! In the blink of an eye she takes the chaos and creates incredible order and calm. 

AND my heart skips a beat because not only does she represent the best of the best and the biggest of the biggest but her heart is right there for YOU and your inner REBEL.

When your world within tips over and you need to do something to rebuild your spirit, she provides the path to transformational travel.

Wendy ventures into waters that other travel adventurers would never dare. Why? Because she knows the power and deep soul healing that comes from taking ALL that wisdom and knowledge of travel and pairing it with the right adventure for YOU!

Intuitive Energy Coach, Yoga Instructor, Speaker

For $37 you'll get:

The SAVOUR Guide

6-Day curated SAVOUR guide 
with daily prompts and easy 
bite-sized activities to start 
the journey within.

(Value: $400)
A SAVOUR Journal

Journaling Experience with unique 
suggested excursions to explore 
your home, your neighborhood, 
and your world with an entirely 
new perspective.

(Value: $300)

And these five BONUSES:

(not sold separately anywhere else!)
Creating Your 
Own Personal Sanctuary

A step by step guide to rediscovering found items inside of your comfort zone to set the stage for stepping
OUT of your comfort zone!

(Value: $37)
Belly Breathing Meditation
Part of my private client vault to 
use specifically 
for calming relaxation in 
a whole new way!

(Value: $37)

Values Vision Board

Dig deeper with this signature exercise for aligning
your passions 
and interests!

(Value: $37)
Tools for Venturing
Under Your Own Power

Easy to use guide for discovering the optimal activities that get
you moving forward!

(Value: $37)
How to Develop Your Own
Gratitude Ritual

The perfect exercise
for the perfect ending!

(Value: $37)
SAVOUR Your Story Small Group Coaching Session 
Dates and times TBD for Dec 2020

(Value $100)

For the price of ONE of these bonuses ($37) 
you get EVERYTHING you need to experience 
of a worldwide pandemic (valued at $985)

Wait a second. This stuff never works for me. Why is this different?
SAVOUR is based on the principles of Positive Psychology, the scientific study of the “good life.” These are scientifically proven activities designed to help you create a well-lived and fulfilling life. As a certified life coach, Wendy Guth sets you on the journey to your “good life”.
I just feel too darned overwhelmed. Can’t I just bury my head until the pandemic is over? 
No! Please don’t do that! These are really tough times but you don’t have to go it alone. SAVOUR was created to help you NOT bury your head! 
I’m a positive person, even despite the craziness right now. Why would this help me?
Even the most positive people need a boost every now and then. These activities help solidify habits that will bring even more JOY into your life, especially when you need an extra boost!
For me?!? I don’t have the time with my husband and kids home in this virtual world.
Remember when the flight attendant told you, in case of emergency, to put your mask on first and then help others? He wasn’t kidding. This applies just as much to our current state of emergency. You must make the time for yourself if you want to be at your best for others. Especially now! SAVOUR provides bite-size activities that pack a punch.
Does SAVOUR include travel ideas?
SAVOUR includes ideas for excursions that are closer to home.
How does SAVOUR work?
SAVOUR is a two part program:

A 6-Day curated guide with daily prompts and easy bite-sized activities to start your journey within.

And, SAVOURing your moment journaling experience with unique suggested excursions to explore your home, your neighborhood, and your world with an entirely new perspective!
Do you know what rocks? I will tell you what rocks. Wendy Livingston Guth and Rebel on the Go ROCK!

She put together a perfect holiday package for hubby and me. Totally in the win column is our amazing hotel, Hotel Indigo. Near to the Underground, steps from Tower of London. And wow! My poster bed! A traveling princess's dream come true! 

There is nothing that pleases more than well planned travel. Thanks, Wendy!

Instructional Coach & World Traveller
Wendy makes traveling a breeze. She has the experience to know what to ask to make every trip life changing! Her Rebel Spirit fits right into my adventurous heart. 

The ideas she comes up with are so unique and ALL the little extras she gives make her a stand out among her peers.
She took care of every detail and made out trip truly transformational!

TedX Speaker, Sales Strategist & Coach

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